HV / LV Generator Servicing

CGS Electrical and Mechanical Engineers have extensive experience with High and Low Voltage generators providing affordable, bespoke service options.

Switchgear Solutions

Our engineers boast industry leading expertise in switchgear equipment. From maintenance and inspection to the testing of existing installations CGS provide professional solutions.

Generator Installation

Installation of equipment to meet any specific bespoke need. Our experience allows us to assist clients from the early stages of a project to conclusion.

Repair & Maintenance

Our engineers offer expert repair and maintenance capabilities for generator, CHP, UPS, switchgear and energy management systems.

24/7 Response

We offer a 24-hour engineer call-out service. Our engineers can offer technical advice pre and post call out.

4-Hour Guarantee

We have a company policy of responding to emergency calls within 4-hours. In an power emergency we help keep your power up and running.

Control Panel Solutions
At CGS, we specialise in offering bespoke generator control panel solutions to give our clients a reliable, open protocol control system that will not let them down when it matters most. We can supply a brand new design panel or retro-fit onsite – whatever application works best for you.
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Diesel Generator Solutions
Canning Generator Solutions employ a team of highly knowledgeable engineers with decades of combined experience. This allows us to provide extensive customer support for any commercial power requirements.

From on site support emergency callouts to preventative maintenance, all Canning engineers provide highly responsive customer service and component repair expertise.

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UPS Solutions

Power is the lifeblood of a business. At CGS we provide Uninterrupted Power Supply units so that if the worst happens during a power-cut, your business can rest assured the power will stay on.

Uninterruptible power supplies or uninterruptible power sources (UPS) are designed to ensure emergency power is delivered seamlessly where it is needed in the event of mains failure. UPS systems are also responsible for the conditioning of input power to ensure that devices are not damaged by sudden surges in voltage.

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CHP Solutions
At Canning Generator Solutions we are experts in Combined Heat and Power energy generation. Our experts engineers specialise….

Combined Heat and Power(CHP) generators are all about energy efficiency. A CHP system uses the excess energy from a generators production of electricity. As the alternator in the generator produces electricity, thermal energy from the exhaust is used to heat a water supply.
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Project Management

As experts in power and energy management systems, Canning Generator Solutions offer a wide range of solutions to the clients individual needs. Our team specialises in managing every aspect of your project, from installation to aftercare and servicing, at CGS we handle it all. Our project management teams ensure success, whatever the energy need.

Switchgear Maintenance

Canning Generator Solutions offer a complete and customise range of planned preventative maintenance, reactive maintenance or repair of electrical switchgear, distribution boards, power factor correction systems and electrical plant.


Fuel Polishing Solutions
Our UK wide fuel polishing service cleans any contaminants out of your stored fuel removing any water, sediment or microbial contamination from diesel or bio-diesel. This ensures that your stored fuel is clean and ready when it is needed.

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