Control Panel Solutions

At CGS we provide bespoke control panels, each designed to fulfil the unique energy needs of the client. Our control panel upgrades can benefit your installation, increasing efficiency and reliability.
Canning Generator Solutions offer Control Panel Upgrades that facilitate the integration of state of the art technology into existing generator systems. This provides more options for energy monitoring systems, allow for wireless communication and assistance in advanced device networking.

Accurate Monitoring

Our control panels use innovative technology to offer instant real-time monitoring of your generator outputs. This allows unprecedented client control system monitoring.

Improved Efficiency

CGS control panels offer advanced energy monitoring options helping our clients improve their energy efficiency compliance.

Optimal Control

Our experience allows the installation of an optimised control panel system, giving you all the information you need when you need it.

Control Panel Solutions

Control panel upgrading involves the installation of state-of-the-art components onto existing generators to improve functionality. Installation of a Canning control panels facilitates the direct real-time monitoring of power generators and their carbon emissions. This closer monitoring in turn allows our clients to collect the most accurate and up-to-date information on their generator functions, helping to identify any issues before they become problems.
Our generator control panels  connect to engine and generator sensors, engine electronic control modules and other components using a specialy designed connection box. The connection box also house timers, relays and other electronic system components.


CGS control panels also allow closer monitoring of emissions. Accurate emission level recording in turn makes it much easier for our clients to ensure compliance with updated government guidelines. Due to the the UK Government establishing emission reduction targets to decrease UK wide carbon emissions by over 26% by 2020 a number of new measures have been introduced to help achieve this goal (such as the 2019 Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) criteria).


At CGS we design customized Control Panels in order to create a more tailored energy management packages. We design and install  custom panels specifically designed to monitor, record and report the generator data our clients require. Because each of our panels are specifically tailored to each client, the have the necessary control and monitoring capabilities to address specific client needs and requirements. This can include the monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions, waste and resource efficiency. All of this information can be monitored on or off site to provide a more responsive and flexible service.
The installation of a Canning Control Panel solution offers a number of benefits to our clients. The benefits include;
  • Consistent and accurate energy monitoring
  • Improved Energy Efficiency
  • Optimised control
  • Modernisation of components
  • Greater control system integration
  • Improved generator system efficiency
  • Greater control over EMS
  • Constant equipment monitoring
  • Reduction of major maintenance
  • Expertly designed turnkey control panel solutions
  • Intuitive performance tracking
  • More accurate energy usage predictions