Demand Side Response

Canning Generator Solutions offers advanced specialisation in Demand Side Response energy management. Our DSR management solutions cater directly to our client’s unique business needs. At CGS we provide a fully comprehensive approach to Demand Side Response systems, ensuring there is nothing left on the table and that your DSR generator systems provide the highest possible return on investment. The benefits of our unique approach to DSR management include;

Potential Revenue

Effective use of our DSR systems can provide a potential source of revenue. Businesses who use our DSR energy management system can see significant gains through FFR/EFR schemes.

Cost Cutting

Through the monitoring of peak energy demand and load management to avoid peak charges, businesses using DSR systems can save money on energy.

Reduced Emissions

Effective DSR systems have the potential to reduce CO2 and NOx emissions across a businesses electrical system. DSR allows for more efficient use of any existing electricity generation and network capacity.

DSR Solutions

Demand Side Response (DSR) generator systems provide commercial power users with a flexible approach to energy management. Demand Side Response is also known as Energy Demand Management or Demand Side Management (DSM). DSR is the adaptation of consumer side energy demands through various methods like financial incentives.

As demand for energy from the National Grid increases, so too does the cost for consumption. Price increases of up to 5x are common common during peak periods. Businesses using DSR systems to reduce electricity usage during these periods can see significant cost reductions. Those that use DSR to produce electricity during these periods can export excess energy into the national grid at a premium potentially generating revenue.

DSR works by encouraging consumers to use less energy from the National Grid during peak hours. This can involve offsetting the level of energy required from the grid from other sources such as backup generators and UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) systems. DSR systems can also move energy the times of energy usage to off-peak times, reducing the cost of energy from the National Grid. Demand Side Response systems do not necessarily involve decreasing total energy consumption and instead reduces the cost of energy consumption by managing energy usage.
This can include the use of energy storage units to stockpile energy from the grid during off-peak hours.

This stored energy can then be used to augment energy usage throughout a commercial business. In some cases the stored energy can be exported back into the national grid during times of peak demand. Depending on the nature of a businesses operations and power generation setup DSR can make it possible to participate in applicable National Grid balancing schemes. These schemes pay energy consumers to reduce their energy imports for short periods. These schemes include Short-Term Operating Reserve (STOR) systems Firm Frequency Response systems (FFR) and Enhanced Frequency Response systems. Intelligent use of DSR systems can also help commercial businesses with TRIAD avoidance.

The application of DSM aims to aid grid operators and Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) in balancing the supply and demand for energy. DSR systems can also manage and intermittent generation from wind and solar units exporting renewable energy back into the National Grid. Our cutting-edge DSM systems use advanced technology allowing the concept to become increasingly feasible for commercial energy users.

​​Canning Generator Solutions specialises in the integration of cutting-edge information and communications technology with power systems. This creates highly customizable integrated demand-side management (IDSM) smart grids, capable of meeting a number of DSR needs.
CGS offer a tailored approach to all DSR clients providing a bespoke turnkey solution to the complex problem of energy management. The benefits of our DSR sytem includes;
  • Potential MCPD revenue
  • Reduced NOx emissions
  • Reductions in Carbon Emissions
  • Annual savings on National Grid energy usage
  • TRIAD avoidance
  • Smooth peaks in usage
  • Potential source of revenue through FFR/EFR schemes
  • Intelligent use of renewable energy
Canning Generator Solutions provide DSR management that focuses on intelligent energy use. Through our advances DSR services, businesses and consumers can shift their energy demands in real-time. This allows our commercial clients to introduce energy efficiency systems and benefit from cost saving through the intelligent use of already implemented power generation systems. Our DSR systems can also help provide considerable reductions in Carbon Emissions.