Fuel Polishing Solutions

Our fuel management solutions are designed to save you money in operational costs and increase your fuel efficiency and reliability. Contact our team to find out more.

Reduces Wear

Properly polished fuel is cleansed of contaminants that can exacerbate the amount of wear a generator experiences during operation.

Ensures Clean Fuel

CGS fuel polishing servicing provides cleaner fuel by removing harmful contaminants from stored fuel.

Cleaner Energy

Providing a cleaner fuel supply for your generators produces cleaner energy. Properly cleaned fuel reduces NOx emissions.

Fuel Polishing Solutions

At CGS we offer fuel polishing services, regardless of volume. Fuel polishing is the process of cleaning stored diesel, red diesel or biodiesel of contaminants to make the fuel usable in generators. This helps improve fuel efficiency and ensures that any stored fuel falls within acceptable emission standards.​
The process of fuel polishing involves advanced level filtration of fuel such as diesel and red diesel. Our fuel polishing system is monitored and controlled by a central processing unit which can be adapted to suit a number of different fuels and levels of filtration, tailored to each client’s needs.
Effective fuel polishing reduces the need for fuel additives often making them unnecessary. At CGS we specialise in fuel polishing system that can involve a single pass of fuel through the filtration apparatus or multiple passes. As the fuel passes through the polishing system finer levels of contamination are removed at each stage.
Our fuel polishing can be adapted to remove water, microbial or other ‘fuel bugs.’ Whatever the fuel polishing need at CGS we can handle it.  The benefits of our fuel polishing service include;
  • Improved Fuel Efficiency 
  • Reduced Fuel Emissions
  • Prevention of Blocked Fuel Filters
  • Reduction of Fuel Injector wear and tear
  • Prevent corrosion of Fuel Tanks
  • Prevention of severe engine failure
  • Prevent full generator system failures
To find out how CGS can meet your Fuel Polishing needs contact a member of our team.