Project Management


The first step in our project management system is a site survey where a qualified service engineers assesses the equipment and system specifications. This provides in depth consultation to determine specific site requirements. Our project management team have proven expertise in DSR, CHP, STOR, PV, UPS and Switchgear installation, maintenance and repair.


Our design system uses an expert eye for details to assess load requirements and site capabilities. The CGS approach provides optimal solutions for any generator and energy and management requirements. No matter the system our team ensures generators and connected equipment are faultlessly integrated into wider business operations.


In addition to surveying and design, our project management team provides extensive consulting expertise in application completion. Extensive experience in the energy management industry provides our team with expertise in application consulting. At Canning we know our G59 from our G99, allowing our team to provide comprehensive project management.


After the necessary applications are completed our team facilitates the scheduled delivery of projects. Our fully trained engineers ensure timely delivery nationwide. Once a project is delivered we provide full usage training ensuring clients can operate generator systems effectively and safely. Our project team cover all client needs, providing turnkey solutions to complex issues.

Tailored Service Package

All of our projects are approached with an eye to detail. We assess our client’s needs and provide the most effective solution. Rather than use a one size fits all approach, at CGS we offer a tailored service to create a bespoke and comprehensive approach to your engineering needs. Weather it’s DSR, STOR or CHP, CGS provide world-class service solutions.

Extensive Aftercare

All our projects offer our full service package including extensive aftercare, scheduled pre-planned maintenance and repair. All CGS service options offer a 24/7 365 day a year call out policy with a guaranteed 4 hour response throughout the UK. All our service engineers possess a wide range of specialist industry knowledge facilitating industry leading generator service.

​​​At Canning Generator Solutions we utilize a proprietary project management system to ensure the best service for our clients. Our project team specialise in providing turnkey solutions to the complex power needs of our clients.
Canning project management provide expert mechanical and electrical engineering for all power generation and energy management system needs. Whether it is problem solving, emergency repairs, pre-planned maintenance or planning an installation, our expert team offer extensive consultation providing cutting-edge integrated solutions to all client power needs alongside class leading service.

The expertise and knowledge of our project management team allows us to provide specially tailored service and comprehensive turnkey solutions to all of our clients. Our project management team ensures efficient and effective service scheduling.

No matter how complex the energy generation demand, at CGS we can provide simple and secure power generation solutions.​ At Canning Generator Solutions, we make your power our priority.

A member of our team is available to our clients 24/7,  365 days a year with service engineers available throughout the UK.  At Canning Generator Solutions we manage our projects to ensure that when you need power, you have it.