Switchgear Maintenance

When was the last time your Switch Gear was Serviced?

What is the cost of the loss of business if you were to be without power?

Canning Generator Solutions offer a complete and customisable range of Planned Preventative Maintenance, Reactive Maintenance or Repair of Electrical Switchgear, Distribution Boards, Power Factor Correction Systems and Electrical Plant.

It is common to see these systems go overlooked. “Out of sight, out of mind” is the usual culprit. Our teams often find a lot of maintenance packages include comprehensive options for Generators and critical assets, whilst the control equipment is being overlooked. With faults only being discovered during critical power outages and other emergencies.

We highly recommend all Electrical Switchgear, distribution switchboards and power distribution systems are serviced and maintained at regular intervals to avoid any unnecessary outages and to circumvent any unseen compliance and technical issues.

Our packages are completely customisable depending on the client’s requirements, and the requirements of the equipment. Some factors taken into consideration include:

  • Make and Model of the Equipment
  • Manufacturer’s Recommendations
  • The Environment – is your equipment stored near chemicals? Is the environment dusty?
  • Critical Nature of the equipment
  • Frequency of Use

Canning Generator Solutions will offer a tailored package to suit the specific requirements of your equipment. As well as completing all your service, maintenance, and repair needs, we can offer expert advice on the demands of the governing bodies. Ensuring that we avoid any unwarranted failures of the equipment and securing your hard-earned industry accreditations.