UPS Solutions

At Canning Generator Solutions we offer industry leading expertise in the installation, repair and servicing  Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) systems. Using a UPS generator system ensures that in the event of power loss, critical systems still receive electricity. The use of UPS devices has a number of benefits including;

Prevent Power Loss

UPS systems keep the power flowing to critical systems in the event of energy instability. In the case of a brownout or total blackout, our UPS systems ensure your energy needs are met.

Cut Downtime

Preventing prolonged power loss through use of a USP can cut any downtime that would result from mains power loss. When installed, UPS systems allow safe operation for a particular period of time.

Protect Electrical Equipment

UPS power devices monitor electrical voltage and outages. When the UPS senses a fault, it switches to an alternate power source, providing a high level of device protection.

UPS Solutions

Uninterruptible power supplies or uninterruptible power sources (UPS) are apparatus designed to ensure emergency power is delivered seamlessly where it is needed in the event of input source or mains power failures. UPS systems are also responsible for the conditioning of input power to ensure that devices are not damaged by sudden surges in voltage.
Due to the UPS constantly monitoring the circuit in this power device, it can detect changes in the power supply such as; surges, spikes and outages. This means the USP senses any electrical problems, allowing it to switch power sources. In this way UPS devices provide increased protection for every electrical device used by your business. Our UPS devices have numerous benefits for commercial energy users including;
  • Power Consistency
  • Power Continuity
  • Prevent Data Loss
  • Protects Machines and Equipment
  • Noise Reduction
  • Online Protection
UPS devices ensure the continuity of business operations in the event of power cuts or complete loss. UPS switchgear systems swap to alternate power sources such as batteries in the event of a mains power loss. The UPS prevents data loss from servers and provides emergency power to critical systems. This can help mitigate any losses as a result of operations downtime.
Electricity is a crucial part of any commercial business, without electricity electrical devices cannot work. UPS devices are contingencies designed to prevent loss and damage when a power supply is interrupted. A UPS device allows a business to continue operating for a set period of time. Using an uninterruptible power supply protects your electronic devices and components from various power failure related problems.
CGS UPS systems act as power protection device specifically designed to regulate power consumption and to ensure the supply of the right amount of electricity in the event of a mains power loss.